CORO follows best practices and strict guidelines to provide maximum protection for our customers' assets. Our emphasis on security is in three primary areas: physical, legal, and data.

On the physical side, all gold owned in your account is physically stored at an independent vaulting facility in the U.S. All stored gold is 100% insured from any loss by theft or natural disaster.

On the legal front, you outright own all gold in your CORO account (as clearly defined in our CORO User Agreement). This means your gold is not at risk of loss from unassociated liabilities of CORO. This is fundamentally different from holding gold exposure in the form of a metal ETF held in a brokerage account or a pooling account because in such cases, your ETF investment can be legally subjected to an ETF trustee's or pooling company's third-party obligations such as liens, encumbrances, and/or other contingent liabilities, which losses may or may not be fully covered by insurance.

In terms of data, CORO is SOC2 certified, runs on the world's most secure Hashgraph distributed ledger, and encrypts all information sent and retained in our database.

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