CORO is a mobile payment app that combines gold - the most stable and trusted form of money - with the world’s most advanced and secure payment technology.

Once you download CORO and complete your identity verification, you will connect your bank account to get started. Then, you'll transfer funds from your bank to your CORO account. That will allow you to exchange any amount of US dollars for gold, as well as sending and receiving payments in gold and US dollars.

All transactions on CORO, no matter how large or small, take mere instants and are validated immediately. With the ability to complete up to 500,000 transactions per second, Coro is one of the fastest payment apps in the world - faster than credit cards, faster than blockchain.

CORO is built on one of the most secure transaction ledgers this world has ever seen.

It was designed to provide the absolute strongest protection against cyberattacks, keeping your money and information safe at all times (if you would like more information, click here).

With CORO, your gold account holds 100% physical gold at all times. Physical gold is securely stored and audited by an independent party. Coming soon, you'll even be able to get physical gold shipped safely to your doorstep.

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