Coro can use your mobile device's biometric recognition (fingerprint or FaceID) to login to the application. In order to use biometric recognition with the CORO app, you will need to have it configured on your mobile device and have a device and OS which supports TouchID, FaceID, fingerprint, or Biometrics.

Tip: The CORO app does not directly control fingerprint recognition. If you are having difficulties logging in using fingerprint recognition, refer to the help for your mobile device and/or operating system.

Apple iOS

Fingerprint or face recognition is called "TouchID" or "FaceID" on iOS devices.

  1. Open CORO.

  2. Tap in the email field.

  3. When prompted, lightly touch the Home button or hold still for facial recognition.


For the Android OS, fingerprint recognition is part of the Biometrics; Security features.

Tip: The directions below are valid for Samsung devices where this feature is supported using Samsung Pass. Other devices may have slightly different login steps.

  1. Open CORO.

  2. Tap in the email field. When asked, select to Autofill with Samsung Pass.

  3. Lightly touch your mobile device's fingerprint sensor. Your email and password will autocomplete.

  4. Tap Login.

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