Next Generation Elegance

The raw value of XAU is derived from gold, but its cutting-edge utility arises from Hashgraph Distributed Ledger technology. The largest cryptocurrency trading platforms such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are based on blockchain technologies. XAU has advanced to the next generation of the distributed ledger.

Hedera Hashgraph, like Blockchain, allows two or more parties to forge agreements, make transactions, build value, and establish trust. Where the Hashgraph forges ahead, however, is through the elegance of its code, the simplicity of its structure, superior security, and the speed with which it operates.

Hedera Hashgraph uses a different mathematical approach called directed acyclic graph (DAG) that allows transactions to process in parallel, rather than linearly. Where Bitcoin processes fewer than 10 transactions per second, and Ethereum fewer than 25, Hashgraph technologies are able to process 500,000+.

The dynamic surge in popularity of cryptocurrencies is credited to being free from direct control and potential freezing or seizure by central banks, embedded security features that eliminate the need for third-party payment processors to authenticate and verify every electronic financial transaction, eliminated exchange rate risk and relatively low cost or no-fee transactions. Hedera Hashgraph delivers on this promise.

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